Garrows Law DVD
We provide a complete Audio Service ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow through to delivery to your broadcaster or distributer - whilst adding a Creative Input to your production that fulfils, if not exceeds your expectations and creative vision to the ‘the story’ you want to portray!

Using the Dialogue Tracks from the picture edit and from the original ‘on-set’ audio recordings we ensure we use the best original sound available.

If it is required to overcome technical issues from the location recording we can also re-record dialogue lines in our ADR studio. This also gives the opportunity for you to add creatively written dialogue to clarify story points if required.

Productions can benefit from the enhancement of Foley Footsteps and Effects. These not only fulfil the requirements for valuable international sales opportunities, but can add to the auditory senses the detailed perception of the body language of your actor’s movements and how their character interacts with the world.

Creative Sound Design not only tells ‘The Story’ in Sound Effects but also can bring the production to life in defining an atmospheric mood to the piece and assist real Creative Focusing.
The final Sound Mix blends all the elements of the original performances and locations together with the sound design to create the world that ‘The Story’ is to be told – ensuring at all points the viewer is kept enthralled!